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Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Men Cheat? Why you always need to be a freak? Pt 1

A special hello goes out to every beautiful woman that has taken the opportunity to view our site. Before I begin, I would like to say how amazing women truly are and have been for centuries. Every last woman deserves happiness in an infinite degree. Ok ladies I’m going in now. There are inevitably Three Reasons why Men cheat…and here they are. 1. For the Game of It 2. She fulfill's his Fantasy 3. They’ve become emotionally involved. Through my personal experiences, these are the central reasons. It’s really not complicated. The first and maybe the hardest thing a woman has to do is get to the root of who she’s dealing with. She has to get to know and understand her man, boyfriend etc. Now ladies, I don’t mean spending time, going out to every restaurant in your city to be on the "scene". Instead, I mean thoroughly engaging in stimulating dialog. When and only when he opens up, the floodgates will flow with information about him that will last a lifetime. Ladies, you have to know whom your dealing with. Ask yourself, how did you meet? What was your first conversation about? There are many layers to a man so please understand that you must be secure within yourself and have patience. Secondly, Ladies, please understand that sex has become a core theme in our culture. So the “Discrete Freak” attitude won’t get you too far today. I know this statement will draw much backlash, but i'm prepared to back it up. The competition is FIERCE! By no means am I saying to degrade yourself, but please know yourself sexually and don’t be embarrassed to show it to your man. You have to be the “Best He’s Ever Had”. Well this is a quick snapshot of Mr. Everything’s thoughts. I'll elaborate after I see some of your responses stay tuned. Believe me this is only the beginning.

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  1. I agree. Us ladies need to get with the facts and realize that men and women aren't wired the same. Celebrate the differences and get creative! ;)

  2. the more a woman understands the male species the less she will experience disappointments and surprises when dealing with a guy...it's all about your level of understanding!!

  3. I think you have an interesting perspective BUT it seem a little one sided. You speak to what the woman needs to know and do......BUT can you please speak to the part that the man plays in the situation. How does a woman get to the point that she understands him if he doesnt open up? What should a man do to make a woman feel comfortable showing her sexual side? Do tell..........

  4. Even if a man has the women of his dreams beauty body brains ambition fun sex like a porn star on steroids he will still have the desire to have more partners ! Most men have the spirit of King Solomon but there are no kings in the american culture ! From experience if a man is in the position to have multiple partners married or single he will endulge in that opportunity ! Was a time when a man could have as many partners as he wanted and his Wife was in agreement but times and culture has changed so men feel obligated to hide there desire to have other women outside of there wife or girlfriend ! Some of our most prominate and revered men of our society have become victim to what is now considered disrespectful and hurtful behavior Bill Cosby , Jesse Jackson , Julius Erving , Bill Clinton , Tiger Woods the list continues too grow ! In my experience in the entertainment Life style its a monster all its own . I have toured across the United States of America an seen married men have a women in every city literally , saying that to say if most men had a choice and the women they loved supported that they would choose to be able to have other sexual partners .

  5. Lynsey-Thanks, our differences should definitely be embraced
    Dudley- True, we as men also have a role to play
    H to the P- Ok, the most direct comment thus far. Though I appreciate your interest in the post, the fact is, we try to stick solely on one topic. Your comments offer a variety of possible topics in the blogs future. Thanks for the love
    WackvsFresh- A little history lol great…Thanks for the insight keep it coming.

    Till Next Time
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