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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Luxury Lifestyle-MEAN WALK


  1. them boots fresh ! Is they Gucci ? Jimmy ? Them Louboutins is cool maybe another color be fire !

  2. Boots-Gucci
    Studded Pumps-Giuseppe
    Tri-color Pumps-Christian Louboutin
    "All Black Everything"-YSL

    Mr. Editor

  3. Y'all dudes gotta hand out walking lessons to go with these shoes to most of the ladies I see tryna rock 'em.... LADIES: ***PRACTICE AT HOME BEFORE YOU WEAR THEM OUT.*** Cuz I promise you, I (and all of my guy friends) will be the first to laugh if you look like a trussed-up flamingo tryna walk down the city street...oh so sad.... These shoes are only sexy if you got the walk to go with 'em! ;)