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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Keep Him Satisfied

THE FOREWORD given to you by Mr. Industry

Many times women find themselves asking "why is he doing this?",why is he acting this way?", why can't I get him to do that?". I had a conversation with an older gentleman the other day and he confirmed with me what all men know about each other, but women seem to be missing or forget. No matter what point in our lives we are, The fact is, "Men are simple" , and they always will be.

We don't need constant repetitive affirmations or redundant attention. Actually that's kind of annoying to us. Listen to the great words of the Notorius B.I.G. We are good if we have a woman that can "suck a good d__k and cook a steak up." Ok, obviously we need a little more than that, and truthfully the steak isnt really all that important if you become a professional at the first LOL, but the idea is what you need to pay attention to. You see no matter if we are young or old, when we say we are tired, we just are. Or, when we say we don't feel like talking, we just don't feel like it. There is no underlying meaning to these kind of things that you have to figure out. We just say what we mean (unless you back us into a corner and ask us do you look fat). There's not too much to figure out when it come to us.

When it comes to getting us to comply, remember we are like mules, if you keep the carrot dangling in front of us we'll follow it.(BOARD SECRET #2) So maybe when you can't get your man to do something, make sure you still have the carrot there! Simplicity is the key! And now I would like to introduce the ever so distinguished Mr. Quality........

Thanks for the the introduction sir, and thanks to Mr. Everything we have briefly discussed the main reasons why men cheat. So I guess the next question for ladies should be, "how to keep a man satisfied in the relationship?" At this point I have to CRUSH the age old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ladies, this is 2010 and thanks to the invention of the microwave, fast food, and just as many cooking channels and tutorials as sports channels, it is no longer a challenge to prepare a meal. By no means should those of you who do cook change your routine. Believe me, he truly appreciates it! But I do believe it is necessary to address that their may need to be a shift in priority. This being said, there are really two paths to his heart: his mind and ______(fill in the blank).(D__k for the slow women who would have filled in the blank with something else and completely missed the point)
Men just like women are attracted to ambition, intelligence, and good conversation. This in fact captures our attention and keeps us feeling as lucky as we are to have you. This attracts us in the beginning and keeps us going throughout the relationship. However, it is important to also give your man's ear a rest. I cant speak for all but most of us don't always need updates every 10 or 15 minutes of the day. Thank goodness for text messaging because answering every call would probably do it for me! Don't get me wrong, we are concerned about your day and well being but we also need our personal time just as much. We need our man cave time as much as you need your spa day.
So it now comes down to sex. Its probably one of the most important factors. I took it upon myself and asked a number of married men and they all had only one major complaint; NOT ENOUGH SEX. Notice I said "not enough" because most women get the fact that their mate enjoys freakiness. Its the fact that we want consistent freaky sex that is the problem. And ladies, we should agree that sex starts before the bedroom. Men are completely visual and anticipate an erotic steamy love scene with our own playboy pin up. So no points for flannel pjs, hair rollers, old sweatssuits and if you have some raggedy gym socks on its most certainly an ESPN night for me. LMAO.
So in conclusion, if you throw good communication in the equation, then there should be no reason why you cant have and keep a great thing going. If you ever need a quick guide just remember the equation: good brain + good sex= happy man:) LOL.

Mr. Quality


  1. lol great equation !

  2. i agree...its all about knowing how to turn your man on ladies...u gotta know wut works...4 him

  3. This goes both ways though, right? Thing is, find out what your partner likes, and doesn't like...and PAY ATTENTION, lol...interesting posts guys....