Ladies if any of you are offended by the language used in any of the posts we truly apologize. Our goal is to represent men in the most honest way. Therefore, the word choices are presented as an accurate depiction of the terms men use when speaking to each other.

Thanks for your Understanding,
The Mr's

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Do What You Say"

So as I sit here for the 2nd week in a row waiting for the blog from MR. Yes!!! I began to think about a complaint I here all the time from women about men. "He said we were going to go on a trip here"...."he said he was going to take my car to get an oil change"..."he said we were going to try this new restaurant instead of the stupid place he likes to go to" Ladies you have a LEGITIMATE argument here. Men can become complacent in the relationship and tend to OVERpromise and UNDERdeliver. Yes this is frustrating and annoying but there is a remedy for it. Don't simply give in and go with the "independent woman b.s." and do it yourself. (Independent Woman Bull Sh#t will be explained in a future blog stay tuned) You have to hold him accountable and MAKE him do it. He expects you to meet his expectations and therefore he must meet yours. When you take the "whatever I'll just do it myself approach", not only do you give him an easy way out but you are creating a divide in the relationship because you will feel like you are carrying the load and aren't appreciated. I guarantee that your man appreciates what you do but, if you do everything, its contributing to his laziness. Now there is a fine line between "getting him to do his part" and "NAGGING!!!" If you ask your man to do something don't leave it open-ended give him a timeline such as "could you get this done by Friday" If you ask for something on Tuesday morning and it doesn't have to be done that day, don't ask on Tuesday evening did he do it. Chances are he didn't because it wasn't specified, not to mention we are not "right away movers" like you are. Give him a deadline, check in half-way to the deadline and then follow-up when its supposed to be done. If it's not done don't give him the "well when are you going to do it" in the pissed off tone, this will probably put him on the defensive and cause him to reel of the reasons or excuses that he didn't do it. Simply ask him when does he think he will get to it, and remind him that its something you really need or want. Your results will be much more positive. If this doesnt work well....normally I wouldn't advise this but clearly your man needs a little more motivation in getting the job done. You may have to TAKE AWAY some of his PRIVILEGES if you know what I mean ;) Hope this helps

Mr. Editor

P.S. MR. YES!!!, Where the F is my blog???

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Luxury Lifestyle-MEAN WALK

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Keep Him Satisfied

THE FOREWORD given to you by Mr. Industry

Many times women find themselves asking "why is he doing this?",why is he acting this way?", why can't I get him to do that?". I had a conversation with an older gentleman the other day and he confirmed with me what all men know about each other, but women seem to be missing or forget. No matter what point in our lives we are, The fact is, "Men are simple" , and they always will be.

We don't need constant repetitive affirmations or redundant attention. Actually that's kind of annoying to us. Listen to the great words of the Notorius B.I.G. We are good if we have a woman that can "suck a good d__k and cook a steak up." Ok, obviously we need a little more than that, and truthfully the steak isnt really all that important if you become a professional at the first LOL, but the idea is what you need to pay attention to. You see no matter if we are young or old, when we say we are tired, we just are. Or, when we say we don't feel like talking, we just don't feel like it. There is no underlying meaning to these kind of things that you have to figure out. We just say what we mean (unless you back us into a corner and ask us do you look fat). There's not too much to figure out when it come to us.

When it comes to getting us to comply, remember we are like mules, if you keep the carrot dangling in front of us we'll follow it.(BOARD SECRET #2) So maybe when you can't get your man to do something, make sure you still have the carrot there! Simplicity is the key! And now I would like to introduce the ever so distinguished Mr. Quality........

Thanks for the the introduction sir, and thanks to Mr. Everything we have briefly discussed the main reasons why men cheat. So I guess the next question for ladies should be, "how to keep a man satisfied in the relationship?" At this point I have to CRUSH the age old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ladies, this is 2010 and thanks to the invention of the microwave, fast food, and just as many cooking channels and tutorials as sports channels, it is no longer a challenge to prepare a meal. By no means should those of you who do cook change your routine. Believe me, he truly appreciates it! But I do believe it is necessary to address that their may need to be a shift in priority. This being said, there are really two paths to his heart: his mind and ______(fill in the blank).(D__k for the slow women who would have filled in the blank with something else and completely missed the point)
Men just like women are attracted to ambition, intelligence, and good conversation. This in fact captures our attention and keeps us feeling as lucky as we are to have you. This attracts us in the beginning and keeps us going throughout the relationship. However, it is important to also give your man's ear a rest. I cant speak for all but most of us don't always need updates every 10 or 15 minutes of the day. Thank goodness for text messaging because answering every call would probably do it for me! Don't get me wrong, we are concerned about your day and well being but we also need our personal time just as much. We need our man cave time as much as you need your spa day.
So it now comes down to sex. Its probably one of the most important factors. I took it upon myself and asked a number of married men and they all had only one major complaint; NOT ENOUGH SEX. Notice I said "not enough" because most women get the fact that their mate enjoys freakiness. Its the fact that we want consistent freaky sex that is the problem. And ladies, we should agree that sex starts before the bedroom. Men are completely visual and anticipate an erotic steamy love scene with our own playboy pin up. So no points for flannel pjs, hair rollers, old sweatssuits and if you have some raggedy gym socks on its most certainly an ESPN night for me. LMAO.
So in conclusion, if you throw good communication in the equation, then there should be no reason why you cant have and keep a great thing going. If you ever need a quick guide just remember the equation: good brain + good sex= happy man:) LOL.

Mr. Quality

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Men Cheat?/Why You Need to Be a Freak pt. 2

Ok, first of all, I’d like to thank all who participated in this week’s discussion. Before I elaborate about your the comments, I should give you the break down on my three central reasons to “Why Men cheat? Why you always need to be a freak.
1. For the Game of it- Please understand, that guys often imitate the actions that other guys do. This is the real. We all have been taught by someone. This particular type of man understands the ratio of women to men in America and plays on it. Until that man reaches a level of maturity (that a woman can not demand or make him reach) then this is the lifestyle that gives him the thrill. For many of us men, we were raised by our mothers and famillies who preached to us “take your time, you don’t have to rush into anything” or “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” attitude. This particular dude took those sayings to heart
2. She could fulfill his fantasy- What ever it may be, she has it. (Hint Ladies: Guys may be more willing to share these uninhibited fantasy’s within 6 months to a year of knowing you, some maybe sooner, Mr. Everything’s advice is to start conversation about it early). Understand that men and women are bombarded with images daily. Some of us understand that all images that we see aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t fantasize about them. So make us fantasize about you. Find out what makes us tick…and use it to your advantage.
3. They’ve become emotionally closer. Ok, she took your spot. Believe it or not, men can be sensitive. LOL, but its true. If your man, or ex has declared this reason to you then it’s probably the flat out truth. A man doesn’t release something of this nature if he isn’t secure in his reasoning. Advice: Take the mature role. It may hurt because you have invested so much, but move on because you know that you can satisfy and please another. Be honest with yourself and weigh your mistakes. If there are none then its “ON TO THE NEXT ONE”

Thanks for the Love,
Ur Mr. Everything


Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Men Cheat? Why you always need to be a freak? Pt 1

A special hello goes out to every beautiful woman that has taken the opportunity to view our site. Before I begin, I would like to say how amazing women truly are and have been for centuries. Every last woman deserves happiness in an infinite degree. Ok ladies I’m going in now. There are inevitably Three Reasons why Men cheat…and here they are. 1. For the Game of It 2. She fulfill's his Fantasy 3. They’ve become emotionally involved. Through my personal experiences, these are the central reasons. It’s really not complicated. The first and maybe the hardest thing a woman has to do is get to the root of who she’s dealing with. She has to get to know and understand her man, boyfriend etc. Now ladies, I don’t mean spending time, going out to every restaurant in your city to be on the "scene". Instead, I mean thoroughly engaging in stimulating dialog. When and only when he opens up, the floodgates will flow with information about him that will last a lifetime. Ladies, you have to know whom your dealing with. Ask yourself, how did you meet? What was your first conversation about? There are many layers to a man so please understand that you must be secure within yourself and have patience. Secondly, Ladies, please understand that sex has become a core theme in our culture. So the “Discrete Freak” attitude won’t get you too far today. I know this statement will draw much backlash, but i'm prepared to back it up. The competition is FIERCE! By no means am I saying to degrade yourself, but please know yourself sexually and don’t be embarrassed to show it to your man. You have to be the “Best He’s Ever Had”. Well this is a quick snapshot of Mr. Everything’s thoughts. I'll elaborate after I see some of your responses stay tuned. Believe me this is only the beginning.

Thanks for the love,
Ur Mr. Everything

Class is in Session

If you went to school and studied one subject for 20 years, and you were reasonably intelligent would you consider yourself an eXpert? Women think back to your very first interest in a male. Now consider your current age and ask yourself "Why don't I understand Him?" The answer is very simple, maybe YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION IN CLASS. I hear women say all the time "that's what men do", "they are all the same" as if men were part of some clandestine plot to perpetually screw women over. Another question that always seems to surface when discussing males is "Why do men cheat?" The fact of the matter is we have been giving you signals from our very first interactions but maybe you didn't notice them. Our goal is to point out the not so obvious and help you understand us a little better. Oh and by the way "that is what men do" and "we are all the same" at some point, but that really shouldn't matter, what you should be concerned with is YOUR SECRET POWER, and that you all can be eXperts when it comes to men. I bet you had no idea....LOL this is BOARD SECRET #1 Women Can Control Men. Shhhhhhhh don't tell that to your girlfriends because they will use it to control your man ;) Not all your girlfriends just the ones that are secretly jealous of you and often times cause you to not get or keep your man. And sorry ladies your man always has an attraction for at least one of your girlfriends. Damn Ni$$as LOL I digress, that's another conversation. Before we can reveal to you your power, there are some variables we need to discuss. So without further ado, Allow Me to Introduce Mr. Everything.