Ladies if any of you are offended by the language used in any of the posts we truly apologize. Our goal is to represent men in the most honest way. Therefore, the word choices are presented as an accurate depiction of the terms men use when speaking to each other.

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The Mr's

Monday, March 1, 2010

Class is in Session

If you went to school and studied one subject for 20 years, and you were reasonably intelligent would you consider yourself an eXpert? Women think back to your very first interest in a male. Now consider your current age and ask yourself "Why don't I understand Him?" The answer is very simple, maybe YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION IN CLASS. I hear women say all the time "that's what men do", "they are all the same" as if men were part of some clandestine plot to perpetually screw women over. Another question that always seems to surface when discussing males is "Why do men cheat?" The fact of the matter is we have been giving you signals from our very first interactions but maybe you didn't notice them. Our goal is to point out the not so obvious and help you understand us a little better. Oh and by the way "that is what men do" and "we are all the same" at some point, but that really shouldn't matter, what you should be concerned with is YOUR SECRET POWER, and that you all can be eXperts when it comes to men. I bet you had no idea....LOL this is BOARD SECRET #1 Women Can Control Men. Shhhhhhhh don't tell that to your girlfriends because they will use it to control your man ;) Not all your girlfriends just the ones that are secretly jealous of you and often times cause you to not get or keep your man. And sorry ladies your man always has an attraction for at least one of your girlfriends. Damn Ni$$as LOL I digress, that's another conversation. Before we can reveal to you your power, there are some variables we need to discuss. So without further ado, Allow Me to Introduce Mr. Everything.

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