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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Do What You Say"

So as I sit here for the 2nd week in a row waiting for the blog from MR. Yes!!! I began to think about a complaint I here all the time from women about men. "He said we were going to go on a trip here"...."he said he was going to take my car to get an oil change"..."he said we were going to try this new restaurant instead of the stupid place he likes to go to" Ladies you have a LEGITIMATE argument here. Men can become complacent in the relationship and tend to OVERpromise and UNDERdeliver. Yes this is frustrating and annoying but there is a remedy for it. Don't simply give in and go with the "independent woman b.s." and do it yourself. (Independent Woman Bull Sh#t will be explained in a future blog stay tuned) You have to hold him accountable and MAKE him do it. He expects you to meet his expectations and therefore he must meet yours. When you take the "whatever I'll just do it myself approach", not only do you give him an easy way out but you are creating a divide in the relationship because you will feel like you are carrying the load and aren't appreciated. I guarantee that your man appreciates what you do but, if you do everything, its contributing to his laziness. Now there is a fine line between "getting him to do his part" and "NAGGING!!!" If you ask your man to do something don't leave it open-ended give him a timeline such as "could you get this done by Friday" If you ask for something on Tuesday morning and it doesn't have to be done that day, don't ask on Tuesday evening did he do it. Chances are he didn't because it wasn't specified, not to mention we are not "right away movers" like you are. Give him a deadline, check in half-way to the deadline and then follow-up when its supposed to be done. If it's not done don't give him the "well when are you going to do it" in the pissed off tone, this will probably put him on the defensive and cause him to reel of the reasons or excuses that he didn't do it. Simply ask him when does he think he will get to it, and remind him that its something you really need or want. Your results will be much more positive. If this doesnt work well....normally I wouldn't advise this but clearly your man needs a little more motivation in getting the job done. You may have to TAKE AWAY some of his PRIVILEGES if you know what I mean ;) Hope this helps

Mr. Editor

P.S. MR. YES!!!, Where the F is my blog???

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