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Monday, June 14, 2010

It was bound to come up

We haven't touched on anything racial yet in our blog but now i feel we'll ease into it with care. Interracial dating is a taboo subject amongst black guys and black women well actually probably between white men and white women also. Since we want to enlighten women on how we think, I feel we should talk about it. This post will be from the black male perspective. We will say some light things and answer some small questions on the matter to prep for the the deeper stuff in the future. Here are just a few questions that black women have asked.

+Why do you go out with white women?

Because white women are women too. They have a booty and tittays just like black women do, so why wouldn't i like that?

+Do you feel like they can fulfill your needs as a black man?

Hell yeah!! When i need some food, what does a black woman do? She cooks (sometimes). White women do too (might be a little bland, but its food nevertheless). When I need to have an intellectual conversation, what does a black woman do, she talks to me. White women do too. You see the pattern.

+Do white women smell like wet dogs when their hair gets wet?

They smell like wet dogs as much as black women smell like chicken. Get it.

+Why cant you find a good black woman?

Why cant i find a good white, or hispanic, or asian woman? Women are women no matter where you are on this planet.

+Don't you feel like a black woman understands you better?

Not at all. There was a white girl i went to school with and we shared a lot of the same experiences growing up. She played sports and i played sports, she liked cartoons and i did too. We got along well. I started dating the black girl from around the corner and she didn't get me at all.

+Are you scared of a strong black woman?

No, and i'm not scared of a strong white woman either.

+How do you feel when you are with a white woman and other black women see you?

Feels fine. Nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. And no, it doesn't make us feel better or that we've got a trophy or we've done better in life. Any woman can be a trophy, black or white or whatever the race may be. A good looking white woman is just as good as a good looking black woman or asian or hispanic, and so on…

I think the moral is that its not racial, Its a personal choice or preference. The gift of choice is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. Being the same race is just a thing that two people have in common such as liking the same kinds of movies or eating the same kind of ice cream. It doesn't make two people completely right for each other or mean that they should be together. Its just a factor in the decision making process. If dating interracially is not YOUR thing, then so be it. But If you like someone you have to give them a fair shot, no matter what. You wouldn't say " i cant go out with him because he doesn't have hazel eyes", so you cant say "he shouldn't go out with her because she's white", same difference!! Well i guess you could say those things, but it would be YOUR personal choice, just don't burden someone else with that choice.

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  1. Hmm. okay, so far that was pretty mild. Shall I brace myself for what's to come?

    (I personally have not experienced this, but I have heard of BM with white women who look down at a passing BW. Could it be because he feels defensive because he's doing "out of the box" things? Not upholding the "status quo"?)